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Board Game Art Contest! and info

Posted by deadspread83 - August 19th, 2022

I'm running an Art Portal contest in celebration of my upcoming boardgame, Curse of the Wymer Stones, and if you're interested you should make something for it!

Check out this Art for Characters and Backstory

Download the Rulebook for Curse of the Wymer Stones (from dumping grounds here on Newgrounds)

Curse of the Wymer Stones on Gamecrafter

When to When: 08/19 - 09/25 [UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS OCTOBER 1 NOW!]

Judging will be done shortly following, and the winners will be announced soonish after.


All submissions to qualify must:

Be uploaded to the Art Portal

Have the tag #CoTWS

Must be rated E


1st Prize: $100 + a Physical Copy of Curse of the Wymer Stones

2nd Prize: $50 + a Physical Copy of Curse of the Wymer Stones

3rd Prize: a Physical Copy of Curse of the Wymer Stones

My wife and I will judge the entries, and announce the winners.

Below is some more information about the boardgame, if anybody is interested.


Backstory on Making the game

My wife and I started working on Curse of the Wymer Stones back in 2017. The game changed tremendously, every time we played it we found something to change or tweak. Little by little, it evolved into the finished product that we have today.

When we started, we knew we wanted a game that was simple to play, easy to follow and not too terrible to set-up. We finally got there, but it was a hard road to find playtesters during the lockdown, so we just played it ourselves, over and over, and over. Eventually, we got other humans to play it, and they gave us valuable feedback as well (Shout out to Playerlair).

What's the game like?

The final game is what I would call a "Classic Board Game" in that you have a character that moves on the board and interacts with pieces on the board. The part that is different is all the traps and monsters are played by a single player (the villain) and the other players (the heroes) try to beat the villain. Also, if one of the heroes dies, their game isn't over yet. They become a wraith, and the outcome of their die roll will either help the other players or hurt them. Eventually, the villain gains control of their playable characters, the Cursed Dwarves. Then, it's a head on fight between the living heroes and the Cursed Dwarves to see if the heroes win the game or the villain is victorious.

It isn't re-inventing the wheel. There aren't weird mechanics that are difficult to remember. It's pretty much smash your way to victory or die trying. There are a lot of strategic opportunities, depending on how you play, but there's only one way for the heroes to win: Defeat the Cursed Dwarves. The villain wins if all of the heroes become wraiths.

It can be played by up to 5 people (1 villain vs 4 heroes)

How are we making the boardgame?

We made a bunch of just paper and pen prototypes to start with. We used a few different print-on-demand companies once we narrowed down the art, then eventually we found Gamecrafter and decided to use them to make it. They're super nice, have been ultra helpful, and they don't require us to buy a ton of these up front. Sure, they're a little more expensive, but we'd rather support them than get a little cheaper game that is built by what is essentially slave labor. Not cool. Not to mention that storing a bunch of these things would be super-duper expensive.

We wanted to make the game cheaper, but there just wasn't a way that we could afford.

There is, however, freeish ways to play it if you have a PC.

There's a Tabletopia version and a Tabletop Simulator version (thanks again Playerlair)




Also, I highly recommend anyone that has thought about making a board game to give it a try. Just make it out of pen and paper, and eventually when you work out most of the kinks, get it printed. It's super fun, and it's the only way us non-programmers will ever make a game that others can play.

Hi Deadspread!

Hi BoMToons! Now I make games too, just out of paper and things. We're so alike now.

sounds cool.
how to make your own game? It's interesting, unfortunately I'm good at writing and drawing (inventing) monsters, but I really don't know how to make a game myself (board games/card games). I would be interested in the way you got the idea?

For me, I just tried to imagine what I would like to play. I like games where you search for stuff and have to fight enemies. So, thats the place I started. Thats a pretty broad start and might describe a million games ( just about any RPG). I just wrote down a bunch of ideas for actions and items and then came up with ways that you might do those things. I definetly didnt reinvent the wheel or anything. I hope that helps.

Good luck with the contest also Gamemaker make a topic in the forums or yknow just ask around, theres plenty of artist abound here

Good idea. I posted in the forum. Thanks!


Hi. How's it going? Interested in drawing stuff for a game you've never heard of?

@deadspread83 probably?


This is awesome! I've looked into game crafter and kinda felt uneasy about if I trust them or not, as I thought maybe I could find someone or something closer to the NG community to make my card game a reality, and if you're doing it I don't see why I can't either!

Game looks great btw! Good luck on your game endeavors :-)

You should. We've use Gamecrafter, Admagic, makeplayingcards.com. They all have their benifits and drawbacks. We ultimately chose gamecrafter because we didnt want to house pallets of product that cost a small fortune, then be responsible for shipping them out too. But that route might be good if you have time enough to dedicate to it. Best of luck! Hit me up if you need anything, or if you want to show it off when its done.

So this is like Heroes Quest then, neat!

I've never actually played it, but I saw a hilarious youtube video about how great it is. Is it great?

@deadspread83 well I only played it properly a few times but it's great! My favorite enemy was the gargoyle due to it being a cool boss monster.

I found the link the video! Hilarious.

@deadspread83 oh yeah I've seen this, pretty funny!

10 days left! Hopefully, we'll get some more entries.

@deadspread83 may I ask what this contest is really about. Am I to create my own board game or what? I still dont get it. Please can you put me through

You can make any art you want. Hopefully it's related to this specific board game, but I didn't want to limit any one's imagination. I probably should have put some more prompts in. Put in #cotws into newground's search to see an example. You've got some time left if you want to give it a shot.

@deadspread83 ok. I'll try

@deadspread83 um when is the deadline

@deadspread83 what tags can we use for our entries

Deadline is 09/25
tag is #cotws

@deadspread83 thanks again?

a little late https://flashmakeit.com/

Today, Friday and Saturday left! Don't forget, Midnight Saturday Oct 1st is the new deadline!

Entry submitted here :]