2010-12-10 12:29:17 by deadspread83

Well, it's been a tough month, but I've got maybe 3 pages left to finish on my third comic. I've got some time off coming up, so I hope to have it completely finished by Christmas.

If you haven't already, check out my first two... Newgrounds makes some money, I make some money, you get some folded / stapled paper with writing and pictures on it... EVERYBODY WINS!

First Issue Second Issue



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2010-12-10 12:46:13

If your any kind of person who claims to be a member of Newgrounds, then BUY this guys!!

It is somthing you will regret when first printed issues are gone :o

What is this chuckie cheese? mm cheese

good work dead,

can not wait ,

merry hoho to u too


2010-12-10 13:11:45

is there gunna be another contest for the ads for the third one?


2010-12-10 13:30:25

^^^ ash, he already did them first contest was issues 1-6 second 7-12 srry mate...

dead, any hint as to whos on lucky number 3?

deadspread83 responds:

That's a good question... I haven't decided on it yet, I've got to finish the cover, then see which one goes best with it...


2010-12-10 13:42:27

woops thought there was a contest each time, my bad