The art portal...

2013-09-07 23:03:59 by deadspread83

I go away for a while and when I come back, the art portal is decidedly porny.


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2013-09-08 00:01:23

I would say it's about people trying to get hits but i really dont know anymore.


2013-09-08 03:24:36

i'm not even mad.


2013-09-08 06:34:52

Guess artists are playing to the age/gender demographic? Yeah, it's kinda sad too.

deadspread83 responds:

I just feel bad that there are some pretty talented guys who waste their time doing work that they can't use to get a job with or show an old lady. I mean, how much can you get out of drawing somebody else's character getting gangbanged?


2013-09-08 07:21:08

Everything degenerates, that is just how entropy goes sadly.


2013-09-08 12:22:57



2013-09-08 22:19:23

Precisely. If I want to commission a work of art, it's not going to be porn... how's that going to look good framed?! It'd make sense if the ad-rev system here worked 'better', but it doesn't really. It's just a license to fuck up proportions as well |:


2013-09-08 23:17:00

History repeats itself. In the old ages of NG we had porn/hentai ads. Now we have porn/hentai art.

deadspread83 responds:

If newgrounds could make a ton of money off this type of art on ads and clicks, I would support it. I'm guessing though that it's not. So not only is it not pushing revenue for them, its making the best Art portal on the net a less useful place for the people that use it.


2013-12-16 05:29:11

glad to see you are still around i have been off for a little while. let me know when you have your next issue, i cant wait! also my address changed.

<3 ren